Antique - Vintage Market & Design® Furniture Paint

Vintage Market And Design Furniture Paint - A Chalk Based Paint

The best neutral off-white.  No yellow or pink undertones.  Looks great with so many of our finishing products.

*Note: Photos are our actual jars of paint and painted wooden blocks but due to different computer/phone/tablet monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture.

For the best depiction of all 75 colors, please see our hand-painted color charts for sale below.

Hand-painted color charts:

You can purchase our hand-painted color chart with ALL 75 colors and free shipping here

Coverage by Size

4 sizes

4 Ounce- Coverage=12-25 sq ft

8 Ounce- Coverage=25-50 sq ft

16 Ounce- Coverage=50-100 sq ft

32 Ounce- Coverage=100-160 sq ft

* Coverage areas are approximate- Coverage may vary depending on dryness of wood or type of surface being painted.


Stir and mix paint well.

Extend brush only 1/4" into paint

Apply very thin coat in a criss cross pattern.

Allow to dry, then 'cure' (allowing strong adhesion) for 3-12 hours depending on humidity levels in your area.

Apply 2nd coat in same manner.  Paint is self-leveling.

Allow to dry and 'cure' for 12-24 hours.

Apply VM&D Natural Wax to enhance depth or to deepen tone of paint color.  VM&D Wax will also combine with VM&D Furniture Paint creating an enduring finish.

Once wax is absorbed, wipe of excess and buff with soft cloth.

After 24 hours apply VM&D Clear Coat to seal your work!


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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • what do you mean by criss-cross painting?

    Cross-hatching with your bursh for application.  You can watch our back to basics videos here:

  • How much paint would I need to paint a medium size dresser. 8 oz or 16 oz? I have several pieces to do in different colors. Thank you.

    8 ounces would cover a medium dresser as long as you are doing the one light, cross-hatching coat and 24 hours cure time before the 2nd coat like we recommend.  

  • Can this paint be used on pressboard and particle board furniture?

    Yes, it sure can!

  • Do you have to sand and is this good for kitchen cabinets ? Do you have a retailer in Carmichael, CA

    Our paint is a no-sand, no-prime paint and is perfect for kitchen cabinets.  You don't even have to take the cabinets off of the hinges and there are not toxins or odors so you can paint inside with no issues.  Our retailer map is on our website so all you have to do is type in your zip code to find the retailer nearest you or you can order online.  Thanks!

  • I feel like i used too much glaze over this paint, and the cabinet doors just have an overall dirty look in the areas it went too heavy. I know ultimately thats what the glaze is meant to recreate... in the cracks.. but its on the flat surface too and looks dirty. If i got more of the Anique, would i be able to wipe that over certain areas the same way i add the glaze, as a way of toning down the glaze? Will it blend into it the same as the glaze did?

    You can paint right over the glaze to make it look more subtle.  

  • Do I have to apply the exterior clear coat any special way? I brushed on the first coat and am going to apply 2 more coats today. I'm clear coating chairs and a table base after applying your cotton chalk paint.

    Yes.  Cross hatching and very thin coats.  You also want to wait 24 hours in between coats as with any other sealer.  We have video tutorials on how to apply clear coat here: