Petit Marseille 150g Cube Soaps (5 Scents to choose from)

Fragrant Petit Marseille Soap from Pre de Provence is created by the last traditional soap factory in Marseille, Le Serail, France. Made using time-honored methods in small batches, this fragrant soap is crafted using vegetable, olive, coconut and palm oils, and a generous touch of emollient Shea Butter. Charming cube-shaped soap is embossed with the signature Pre de Provence logo, Name of the scent and "Made in France." 

5 Scents to choose from:

  • Fig Grapefruit-  Fragrance is a succulent blend of warm, ripe figs blended with juicy, tart grapefruit.
  • Pavot- Pavot (Poppy Flower) soap is deep black and has a complex, intriguing scent of herbs with a hint of a sweet undertone
  • Natural- Natural Marseille soap has a fragrance that is clean, fresh, and unmistakably French.
  • White Citrus Tea- The fragrance of White Citrus Tea is fresh, with brisk and zesty notes of citrus.
  • Lavender Sage- The fragrance of Lavender Sage is the quintessential French combination from the fields of Provence - herbaceous Lavender and fresh Sage. Bits of dried lavender blossoms in the soap add a bit of appealing texture.

 Product of France. 150 g / 5.2 oz .


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