Iron Reproduction of Vintage Wall Water Fountain

Distressed metal with a white crackle finish and rusty lettering.


19-1/2"L x 30-1/4"H

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  • Is this a working fountain?

    It could be if you connected it to plumbing.  

  • Is this item weather proof?

    Yes, it is metal.  

  • If full of water, what kind of weight are we talking about for hanging, and is it okay to hang outside in the heat and rain? I live in Florida where we get almost 365 days of sun and heat, and lots of rain in the summer months. How would you hook it up to work as a running fountain? Not sure if there are holes for plastic tubing and pump. Thank you.

    Yes, these are made of metal so they are suitable for outdoors.  Most people who use these with water, use them as outdoor sinks with a running faucet in the top hole.  I supposed you could wire it with a pump and tubing but we have never used it that way so I am unsure of the weight.  Thanks!