Iron Orchid Designs Decor Clear Stamp: Alpha 1

The IOD by Prima décor stamps are unlike any other, in design and function. They are a deeper cut design, and a larger scale, making them perfect for décor projects. Especially designed to transform your walls, add delightful detail to your furniture rehabs and create delightful fabric patterns! Of course they work for your crafting projects as well!

Use with a permanent archival dye ink made for rubber stamping. 



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  • Hello! Thank you for taking the time to help. Are these individual stamp heads that come in a set, or is it one large stamp with all of what I see here? The description for dimensions only says 12x12, so it's hard to tell. How tall is each letter, if they are individual letters? Thank you!

    They are a complete set of individual stamps.
    Numbers = 1.75 "
    Letters = 2"