German Glass Glitter

German Glass Glitter in 1 Ounce French Bottle

Also known as Vintage Glass Glitter, this German glitter creates a beautiful vintage effect.
Favored by artists and crafts people, over the craft store synthetic glitters, due to its diamond-like sparkle and beautiful aged patina it creates over time.


    1. Clear Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    2. Silver Fusion 40/80 is a blend of two of our Silver Glass Glitters. It's part large grain 80 grit and part 40 grit Super Shards, this glitter provides the coverage of a finer glitter with the wonderful reflective properties of our Super Shards.

    3. Silver Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    4. Gold Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    5. Chunky Gold Glass Glitter-70 Grit

    6. Pearl Flakes Glass Glitter

    7. Chunky Orange Glass Glitter-70 Grit

    8. Chunky Light Brown Glass Glitter-70 Grit

    9. Dark Red Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    10. White Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    11. Black Glass Glitter-90 Grit

    12. Gold Fusion Glass Glitter-70/90 Grit

    13. Copper Glass Glitter-90 Grit
    14. Emerald Glass Glitter-90 Grit
    15. Green Glass Glitter-90 Grit
    16. Pale Blue Glass Glitter-90 Grit
    17. Purple Shine Glass Glitter-90 Grit

      This is the glitter you have read about on many blogs, the best German Glitter pre-blended, just right, for your next project.

      Our glitters are silver coated (with real silver) for extra sparkle and shine and then blended for extra sparkle. Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look. Available in a rainbow of colors and blends,

      Produced in Europe by fine art glass glitter artisans. Project suggestion: Use to embellish any greeting card, scrapbook or paper art project!

      How to apply glass glitter:
      • If glittering a solid object we suggest painting the piece as close to the same color as the glitter you choose, so the background color does not show.
      • Apply the glue ( We suggest Alene's Tacky Glue),then press the item into a bowl or plate holding the glitter.
      • Be careful if 'spooning' the glitter over the object. The glitter is sharp glass and may bounce.
      #1-90 grt Clear-German Glass Glitter..018
      #2-40/80 grt Silver Fusion-German Glass Glitter..014
      #3-90 grt Silver-German Glass Glitter..013
      #4-90 grt Gold-German Glass Glitter..012
      #5-70 grt Chunky Gold-German Glass Glitter..007
      #6-Pearl Flakes-German Glass Glitter..016
      #7-70 grt Chunky Orange-German Glass Glitter..006
      #8-70 grt Chunky Light Brown-German Glass Glitter..009
      #9-90 grt Dark Red-German Glass Glitter..010
      #10-90 grt White-German Glass Glitter..017
      #11-90 grt Black-German Glass Glitter..011
      #12-70/90 grt Gold Fusion-German Glass Glitter..015
      #13-90 grt Copper-German Glass Glitter..003
      #14-90 grt Emerald-German Glass Glitter..002
      #15-90 grt Green - German Glass Glitter..005
      #16-90 grt Pale Blue-German Glass Glitter..004
      #17-90 grt Purple Shine-German Glass Glitter..001

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