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"A French Farmhouse Fabric" (12 styles!)

$ 15.95

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Beautiful European fabrics!

Great for reupholstering, making pillows, bags, purses, etc.

54" wide and sold by the yard. 

Our bundle of all 12 fabric swatches come in 12" lengths.

*please note that due to the spinning process of the fibers, this fabric may contain slubs and other imperfections.  This fabric is not pre-shrunk.  Wash in cold and do not dry.  We recommend spot cleaning.  Washing and drying may cause shrinking.  D ue to different computer monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the photos.
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Questions & Answers

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  • Could I use this fabric to make curtains?

    You certainly can.

  • I want to use the black and cream on my kitchen chairs. But I am worried about it holding up with stains. I really love the fabric.

    Hi there.  Thanks for reaching out.  This fabric is thick and holds up well on chairs.  You can always scotchguard for extra protection.  Thank you!

  • Hello, I am interested in the #5 fabric and was wondering if #9 matched dark cream in #5? I'm reupholstering a couch and looking to use 2 different fabrics that match. Thank You!

    Yes, they both match :)

  • Hello, I am looking to make a duvet cover out of the antique vintage ticking stripe (queen 60 x 80) can you please help me figure out how much I need and if i can make it into a duvet? thanks

    Hi there.  For a duvet you would need 6 yards on each side which would be a total of 12 yards.  You could always use another fabric for the bottom or even a queen size to cut down on cost and get 6 yards of this which would be the only thing showing.  I hope that helps!

  • Good day how much each yard cost? Im from Philippines and im looking for supplier of french linen

    $15.95 per yard

  • hi i love this fabric i want to use it for multi purposes . but could i also use it for a french blanket for my ladder? and also does it work well as a tablecloth? if so how much fabric for a 42 inch round table? thank you

    Hi.  The fabric works for many purposes.  It would make a beautiful blanket as well as tablecloth.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how much you would need for a 42" tablecloth but I imagine it would vary depending on what length you want to drape.  

  • Hi, Does the weave tighten up when this fabric is washed?

    If you want to shrink the fabric I suppose the weave would tighten, but if that isn't what you want, you can avoid that by washing in cold water and allowing to air dry.  

  • What is the fiber content of the #7 natural light cream? Also 'cream' to me says yellow-ish cast. Is the natural light cream more yellow than the other background colors in the other fabrics of this collection? Thank you, Lori

    These fabrics are all 70% Cotton/Linen and 30% Poly.  There are two main colors of these fabrics besides the colors of the stripes.  The light cream and then the dark cream as dsiplayed in the photos.  We sell the fabric swatches of all 12 fabrics for $3.95 in this listing if you'd like to take a closer look.  Thanks!

  • Hello! Do these fabrics come in winder lengths than 54"? I'm looking for 72" or 68" if possible

    Hi!  No, they only come in 54" widths.

  • Do you offer discounts for large quantity orders? Since this fabric only comes in 54" widths, I would need around 22 yards for my project. I am covering some very large windows in my do you think it will look to sew 2 panels together to make a 108" wide panel (minus the hem on each side). Do you think the 2 panels will look seamless, or do you think this type of fabric might show where the 2 panels are joined? Thank you John

    Hello.  We have many people sewing this fabric together for draperies and to make quilts and coverlets for beds.  It looks great.  We have our loyalty rewards program, cool beans, which gives you incredible discounts on our products.  Thanks!

  • I am looking for French country fabric to recover a chair. I want the stripe to be black I saw a clun chair recovered with one major stripe on chair and cushion and fell in love with look and fabric. Can you please help? Thanks Sharon

    Hi Sharon.  For the one stripe, we suggest this fabric in one of the 2 natural colors, and then you can use our raven furniture paint with painters tape to do the French Grainsack stripe which we have done before and turns out fantastic.  

  • Is there a cream line colour with a light grey 3 stripe?

    Hi.  We do not have anything with a grey stripe.  Sorry!

  • If I add 6 to the quantity, does this mean I am ordering 6 yards of fabric?


  • Can I order a sample swatch?

    Yes, you can order them directly from this listing.  

  • Do you sell wholesale?

    We wholesale our paints and finishing products but not this fabric.  Sorry!

  • Do you sell blue grain stripe by the metre

    We sell it by the yard.  

  • do you sell the fabric in any precut bundles as well

    We sell cut to order on our fabrics. Thank you!

  • How many inches are between each set of 3 stripes on the Blue 3 stripe (#2) fabric?

    9" from the sides to first set and 17" between each of the middle sets.  

  • Are samples available? I need 6 yards but would love to see.beforei purchasing.

    Hi Sherri!  We now sell a pack of all 12 swatches in 12" lengths which are listed within this product listing.  

  • How many inches are between the Blue 3 grain stripes #4?

    approx. 5" on either side and approx. 10" between the rest.

  • Is the fabric linen or cotton! Something else?

    70% Cotton/Linen and 30% Poly

  • I am making pillow backs for a daybed: 22

    #8 is 5" from the ends to first set of stripes and 10" for the 4 spaces in between the middle sets of stripes.
    #11 is 9.5" from the ends to the first set of stripes and 16" for the 2 spaces in between the middle sets of stripes.
    I hope that helps!

  • Is your fabric by the yard preshrunk? I am making curtains, can I get the fabric pre-cut in 90

    It is not pre-shrunk.  We sell and cut by the yard.  

  • Does this fabric have a canvas hand to it? Just wondering how heavyweight it feels. Thank you!

    This fabric has the feel of a heavier woven linen. Can be used for upholstery, draperies, pillows, etc.

  • Are these fabrics light enough for kitchen curtains yet strong enough for upholstery???

    Perfect for both!

  • I am looking to make door panels that are 21 inches wide for patio doors. Fabric being 54 inches wide i am sure i can get two panels. I need to have the stripes to match up on both. I am looking at the dark black. Can you tell me where the stripes are. Like 12inches from edge, 24 inches from edge. How far apart are the stripes?

    Approx 5" from end to first stripes and 10" between each of the other stripes.

  • I would like the fabric shown beige with the floral white print in the last slide I know it's stupid to ask but where is that?

    Actually that is one of our wallpapers: 

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