Rustic & Rusty Metal Letters - 5 Inch

Rustic & Rusty Metal Letters

5 Inch Tall x 1/16 Inch Deep

A thru Z


& # , -


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  • Thank you for your quick reply to my previous question regarding your 4 inch rustic letters. Now, that I have the frame for my project, can you tell me the average width, of the letters I will be ordering, in 5 inch heights? B E O T Y. Thanks so much. Grandma Mimi (Bob and Betty Riedner)

    2" Width

  • Hi,I have recently purchased an old pickup truck,I need the word international in letters,can you supply and also ship to uk?,,thanks,Pete cronin

    Hi Pete.  All of the letters are listed here to spell the word international.  We do ship worldwide.  Thanks!

  • Hello, How wide are the 5 inch letters? Thank you.

    The width varies by letter.

  • Do you have numbers also? I'm making a sign with house number and our last name. 3847 DUGGINS

    Yes we do.  Here's a link to the 5" numbers.