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Vintage Market And Design

94-BLOCKIT-08 w

Vintage Market & Design® Block It!

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"Block It!"

Blocks tannin bleed through when painting over dark woods

as Mahogany, Cherry & other red woods.

Shellac based and in VM&D's "SAND" color, so you can have an overall neutral base to apply your top colors over.

Formulated to work with VM&D Furniture Paint, Waxes & Clear Coat./

No bleeding or streaking.

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • What brush do you use for block it? Or how do you apply it? It ruins my brushes and I'm constantly washing the brush, because it's drying on the brush so fast.

    We use a brush that can be thrown away with this product.  You cannot wash Block It! out of your brush with water as it is our only product that is not water based.  Mineral Spirits will take it off but the brush must still be wet when placed into the Mineral Spirits without having allowed the Block It to dry on the brush.  

  • How much of an area will 8 oz. of Blick It cover?

    Approximately 100 square feet.  

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