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September 16, 2017

Materials Needed:

  • faux pumpkins or real pumpkins
  • 1 package each of silver and gold leaf
  • Vintage Market and Design Paper it!
  • 1" chip brush or soft bristled brush

Apply Adhesive

Using a paintbrush, apply Paper It! to entire surface of pumpkin, except stem. Allow to dry until adhesive is clear and tacky. Tip: Use a thin coat and brush over adhesive after about 10 minutes of drying time to prevent drips.

Apply Metallic Leaf

Working from the top of the pumpkin down, gently apply full sheets of desired metallic leaf to entire surface of pumpkin, except stem. Smooth down the leaf with your fingertip or your brush. Repeat this process until all raised areas on the pumpkin are leafed.

Fill Gaps and Buff

Once leafing is applied to raised areas of the pumpkin, use your finger or a brush to push small pieces of leaf into recesses. Once pumpkin is entirely covered in leaf, buff with brush in circular pattern to remove excess pieces of leaf that didn't quite adhere. 

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