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August 26, 2017

Vintage nurseries are not a thing of the past, they are a thing of the present.  

Adding vintage elements to your nursery decor makes for a warm, happy place for your little one or little one to be.

We have a list of our favorite items to give your nursery that vintage feel.  

Vintage-Inspired Bears.  How cute are these little guys?  They can give a nursery a nice, warm vintage feel and also gives your little one something to hang onto for years as a sweet memoir.  

These accent lamps are to die for!  What an adorable statement that they make and not only that, but they are super functional.  Can you imagine sitting in a rocker, reading your little one a book next to one of these?  TOO sweet!

Wall decor.  So you've probably noticed a theme by now.  Animals.  We love our furry creatures and they sure look adorable on the walls of a nursery.  And how can you resist a Vintage-inspired unicorn mount?  Simply adorable!

These vintage-inspired plush mobiles are so sweet and unique and they come in several different styles.  Truly a statement piece hanging over any crib.  

Antique Mirrors.  A lot of times these mirrors can be found in gold.  We think that gold color looks great with any color palette, in girl nurseries or boy nurseries alike and it adds a nice, vintage feel. If you aren't totally into gold, these mirrors aren't difficult to add a little Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint to.  Remember, no sanding and no priming and with 75 colors to choose from, you are bound to find a color that you like.

This brings me to our last and favorite Vintage element for a nursery. 

Vintage Furniture.  You can find so many great and tired vintage pieces of furniture as flea markets and antique stores that are screaming "Bring me to life!"  The two pieces pictured above were just like that.  Old, and tired and needing some love.  Why go for the expensive, new stuff when the old stuff is just as nice?  All these pieces needed were a couple of coats of Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint and they were good as new and perfect for a nursery.  An old dresser can also make for a great changing table.  Imagine that!  

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