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June 12, 2017

9 desirable Paris homes and secrets and techniques of French decorating

Paris homes are always stylish, lavish, sophisticated and elegant. When it comes to interiors, the French seem to have mastered that classic and contemporary mix like no one else in the world.
So, today Brabbu unveils the secrets of decorating like the French, invites you to tour the most beautiful homes in Paris, and recreate the Parisian chic look in your own home. If you love French interior design as much as we do, then these tricks will turn on
that je ne sais quoi charm.

A 19th-century table and chairs furnish the traditional dining room of a Paris apartment designed by Jean-Louis Deniot and owned by Kimberly and David Cameron Brody.

Leather tiles pave the contemporary kitchen of Stefano Pilati’s Paris duplex, which was renovated by architect Bruno Caron.

Breakfast awaits beneath a towering magnolia in the Paris garden of decorative arts dealers Laurence and Patrick Seguin. A beautiful contemporary outdoor space.

Curtained in a Romo velvet, a light-filled traditional entrance hall greets visitors at a Paris apartment renovated and decorated by Jean-Louis Deniot.

Furniture designer Martino Gamper created the openwork shelving between the master contemporary bedroom and the smoking room of Stefano Pilati’s Paris home, which was also renovated by architect Bruno Caron.

A 19th-century wing chair faces a French campaign bed in Tino Zervudachi’s Paris traditional study; the mobile is by Daniel Chadwick, and the silver daguerreotype is by Fuss.

As part of the renovation done by architect Bruno Caron, the muraled contemporary dining room in fashion designer Stefano Pilati’s Paris home was painted by Mathias Kiss andOlivier Piel of Atelier Attilalou.

Formerly a conservatory, the skylit bath of Veronica Toub’s Paris apartment – which she designed herself, with the help of architect Laurent Bourgois – features a Bisazza-tile wainscot designed to resemble button-tufted fabric; the tub is by Waterworks, with Volevatch fittings.

With the help of Indonesian designer Jaya Ibrahim, Christopher Noto chose furnishings and artifacts in bronze, silver, taupe, and chocolate for the traditional living room of his Paris apartment. Ibrahim designed the chair at center and the lamp.

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