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September 30, 2017

Do you have a nightstand that just isn’t cutting it? Maybe you don’t have one at all and you have nowhere to put your important things that have to be by your bedside. If you’re like me, a nightstand is a must. I use mine for books and of course, my phone which charges while I sleep. Whether you have a nightstand that you’re just not happy with or you need one, there are some amazing ways to DIY your nightstand and I’ve found some really easy and cheap ones that you can try.

There are so many things that you may have in your home that could double as a bedside table. From bar carts to upside down trash cans, there is always something that you can use to keep those important items at hand while you rest. We've found some amazing ways that you can DIY a nightstand and not spend a fortune doing it. There are 15 cheap and easy DIY nightstand ideas in this collection and all of them give you wonderful ways to spruce up the bedroom without breaking the bank. We are all about DIY furniture and these nightstand ideas fit in perfectly with whatever your bedroom theme may be.

You really can turn basically anything into a gorgeous and functional nightstand. From building it yourself out of pallets to simply repurposing other furniture pieces, you are sure to find the perfect stand to complement your bedroom and give you loads of space. If all you want is to just refinish your existing wooden nightstand, you should check out this quick and easy way to refinish old wooden furniture. It will bring that furniture back to its beautiful original shape.

So whether you’re looking to build a new nightstand from scratch or you’re like me and you really love the idea of repurposing something else to make your bedside table, you’re going to find the perfect DIY nightstand idea in here that will save you a fortune over buying a new one. Let’s get those creative DIY juices flowing and learn different ways to add a unique and charming nightstand to your bedroom. Most of these projects are so easy that you can have them finished by bedtime.

1. Vintage Bar Cart Nightstand

Vintage Bar Cart Nightstand

Tutorial/Source: apartmenttherapy

2. IKEA Hack Striped Nightstand

IKEA Hack Striped Nightstand

An inexpensive nightstand, like a plain white one from IKEA, can be made into something fabulous with just a bit of tape and some creativity. I love the stripes on this one. The black and white would be perfect for the master or guest bedroom and the colorful stripes are great for kids’ rooms. You can create this look easily and it won’t take long at all.

Tutorial/Source: seekatesew

3. Easy DIY Suitcase Stand

Easy DIY Suitcase Stand

Take an old suitcase and turn it into a beautiful and really unique nightstand by just adding wooden legs. You just attach the legs to the bottom of the suitcase and you’re all set. The top doubles as a great nightstand and there’s storage inside as well. You can use wooden legs from an old table that you’re repurposing.

Tutorial/Source: theweathereddoor

4. Repurposed Metal Cart Nightstand

Repurposed Metal Cart NightstandRemember those old metal carts from high school? You can get those pretty cheap at thrift stores and they make wonderful nightstands. Of course, you may need to sand them down a bit to remove rust and then repaint. Once you’re done, these are the perfect addition to any bedroom and they give you loads of storage space.

5. Vintage Trunk Turned Nightstand

Vintage Trunk Turned Nightstand

Did I mention that you can turn just about anything into a nightstand? That includes old trunks. I actually love the look of this vintage trunk that is used as a nightstand. If you have an old trunk then this one won’t cost you anything. Even if you don’t have a trunk, you can normally pick these up at thrift stores for very little and there’s no work involved in turning it into a nightstand.

Tutorial/Source: decoist

6. Repurposed Antique Cabinet Nightstand

Repurposed Antique Cabinet Nightstand

You can turn an antique cabinet into a wonderful nightstand. In this case, this old lawyer’s bookcase makes a wonderful stand beside the bed and it gives you so much space for storage. If you love keeping your books close to you while you sleep, this antique cabinet turned nightstand will definitely give you space for that.

Tutorial/Source: diynetwork

7. Old Drum Nightstand

Old Drum Nightstand

Turn an old drum into a unique nightstand. If you have a drum then great. If you don’t then you can pick one up at a thrift store. Our Goodwill Store always has drums and other old musical instruments and they’re really cheap. Just add a coat of paint if you want or leave it as it is – either way, it makes the perfect nightstand and it’s so creative!

Tutorial/Source: designsponge

8. Easy DIY Ladder Stand

Easy DIY Ladder Stand

Once the ladder is finished, just stain or paint whatever color you need and you have a wonderful little nightstand that won’t take long at all to build.

Tutorial/Source: ana-white

9. Upcycled Table Nightstand

Upcycled Table Nightstand

To build this nightstand, you will need an old table – well, half of it at least. You can build matching nightstands for both sides of the bed with just one table! You just cut the table in half. You’ll have to affix it to the wall and make sure that you have it even when doing so. I love the idea of turning an old table into two different stands for the bedroom.

Tutorial/Source: hgtv

10. DIY Pet Bed Nightstand

DIY Pet Bed Nightstand

Believe it or not, you can build your own nightstand and a cozy bed for your little furry friend for less money than you think. This is a really simple project and it’s one that you’ll love when it’s finished. If you have a dog or cat, this is a must. You simply turn an old small dresser into a nightstand that has a space at the bottom for a bed for your furry friend. How amazing is that?

Tutorial/Source: diynetwork

11. IKEA Expedit Hack Nightstand

IKEA Expedit Hack Nightstand

IKEA has a wonderful cubby shelf that costs less than $40. The great thing is that you can use this shelf as a wonderful nightstand and still save money even if you have to head to IKEA to buy it. The shelf has four cubby compartments which are perfect for keeping your books and other nighttime necessities handy and at just $40, you’re saving a fortune over heading to the furniture store and buying an actual nightstand.

Tutorial/Source: theeverygirl

12. Easy Graphic Floating Nightstand

Easy Graphic Floating Nightstand

You can easily build a floating nightstand and give it a great graphic look. The floating stand is a good choice for smaller rooms – if you’re looking for a way to add a stand and still save space. The floor isn’t used at all so you have plenty of extra space here and you can paint the graphic to give it character or just go with the wood look if you prefer.

Tutorial/Source: paris-lareunion

13. DIY Midcentury Nightstand

DIY Midcentury Nightstand

You can build this gorgeous midcentury nightstand in about three hours and it will only cost you around $40 if you don’t have any of the materials on hand. It involves simple pocket hole joinery and screw in legs. The shell is so easy to build and once you have the legs in place you’re all done. You can build two of these and have one on each side of the bed for less than you will pay for one nightstand at a furniture store.

Tutorial/Source: build-basic

14. Repurposed Milk Can Nightstand

Repurposed Milk Can Nightstand

You can turn an old metal can into a great nightstand that has a wonderful farmhouse look. You don’t even need to do anything aside from carrying the can into your bedroom and sitting it up beside the bed. The top gives you room for a lamp, a book and even your phone as it charges.

15. Easy Night Side Table From 2X4s

Easy Night Side Table From 2X4s

Turn those old 2X4s into a wonderful night side table quickly and easily. If you have a few old boards to use, this project won’t cost you anything. Even if you have to buy the 2X4s, you only need a few and they’re not at all expensive. You can build two of these for way less than a new nightstand will cost in the store and you have loads of drawers for extra storage.

Tutorial/Source: ana-white

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