Vintage Market And Design


A French Tanner family paint recipe for painting

walls and furnishings in country homes and handed down through three generations.

Updated and enhanced in 1969 to allow more color choices and shelf life, and now available to you.


VM&D Professional Paint and Decorative Finish products
are formulated to work together to enable anyone, from
the novice to the professional painter, to create a beautiful
and long lasting finish on wood, metal, glass,
rigid plastic or fabric.


Gesso, Chalk & Water Based
Low VOC   No Toxins   No Odors
Tinted with natural earth pigments
Made in USA


WARNING: Using this paint has proven to result in “Painting Addiction”
Will adhere to:Wood     Metal     Glass   Laminate Fabric

Prepare your Furniture Piece: No Priming or Sanding Needed

  • Be Sure Piece is clean of dust, wax, grease, etc.
  • Before painting Mahogany, Cherry or redwoods apply VM&D Block It! to block tannins from bleeding through your paint finish

Getting Started

  • Shake jar & Stir Paint Well
  • Use a VM&D Wax/Paint Brush for best results or a good polyester feather tipped brush.
  • Paint on 1st Coat- Dipping your brush only ¼” into paint. Paint in a cross hatch pattern. Do not worry about grain of wood, or brush strokes. This coat will look milky & blotchy. Allow to dry ( usually within 10 minutes)
  • Apply 2nd Coat. Paint in same cross hatch pattern. This coat will go on very smooth and you will see the paint coats become as one very soft velvety finish as it dries and all brush strokes fade away.
  • Allow paint to “cure” for at least 12-24 hours before applying any optional waxes or sealer.

Distressing: Now is the time to do any distressing such as sanding edges.

  • Use 80-120 grit sandpaper or soft sandpaper block, or wet distress with a dampened sandpaper block.

Waxing: Wax may be used to enhance tone of paint or to age the piece

  • Clear Wax will give the color more depth and richness
  • Darker Waxes may be applied to deepen the tone of the paint or used as an antiquing medium.
  • Accent Waxes may be applied on edges or details on the piece.
  • Apply waxes with VM&D Wax/Paint Brush or a soft cloth. Allow wax to absorb into paint surface at least 1 hour- then buff lightly with a soft cloth. Wait at least 24 hours before sealing.

Sealing: Wax is NOT a sealer. Use VM&D Clear Coat to ensure a long lasting     & cleanable piece of furniture.    

  • Sand final paint coat with 600 grit sandpaper, apply wax if desired, then apply VM&D Clear Coat with a slightly dampened sponge in a circular motion. Allow to dry, sand again & apply second coat.



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